Investigative Services

Aerial & Drone Survaillance 

Our firm takes advantage of FAA licensed and insured drone pilots to track down even the most difficult targets.

Armed Protection

Feeling safe is important and with our firm you will have 30+ years of training and real life experience.

Asset Investigations

Money seems to be the common denominator in asset investigations. We are looking for hidden assets such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real property, vessels, aircraft and motor vehicles.

Auto Accident Investigations

Auto accident investigations begin with a quick response to the scene.  Photographs before evidence disappears such as skid marks, property damage and signage. Photos of the vehicles involved will further tell the story as to what happened.

Civil Investigations

Investigations from missing persons to personal injury. We can consult and investigate any civil matter.

Divorce & Child Custody

Divorce can be relatively simple or extremely complex. Emotions are running at high levels and can be driven by property divisions, child custody, vengeance and hiding assets.

DUI Investigations

An arrest for DUI turns your life upside down emotionally and financially. It is a very serious offense that will affect your employment and family.

Employee Termination Protection

Our protective team is ex-law enforcement, and we will take appropriate action depending on the terminated person’s level of threat

Infidelity – Cheating Spouse

If you have a “gut feeling” that your spouse or significant other may be seeing someone, we can quickly verify whether or not they are.

International Investigations

We have resources to investigate internationally. We have built a large network of investigators which cover the globe!

Locate Witnesses – Missing Persons

Our investigators have many years of law enforcement experience, giving them an edge at techniques to locate individuals of importance.

Potential Business Partner Investigation

Are you thinking of going into business with someone you hardly know? Now is the time to do your due diligence and let us do a comprehensive background check on your new partner.

Pre-Employment Background Reports

A comprehensive background investigation can be a critical vehicle when you need to make a business or personal decision. Professional Investigators will provide background information in regards to a future business partner, love interest, investor, company, individuals involved in a lawsuit, witnesses and renters.


Our staff includes investigators who have police undercover experience, which has proven valuable in the private sector.

Complex Service of Process

Professional Investigators has an investigator dedicated to difficult process services. Our investigator is outstanding in locating hard-to-find individuals for service. He is very creative and resourceful in every case.

Criminal Investigations

Professional Investigators Inc. is known for our interviewing techniques and scene investigations. We have many years of investigative experience due to our law enforcement backgrounds.

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