Money seems to be the common denominator in asset investigations. We are looking for hidden assets such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real property, vessels, aircraft and motor vehicles. The circumstances where an asset inquiry would benefit your position in part are as follows:
  • Investigation joint assets during a divorce action.
  • Entering into a business partnership with an unknown.
  • Investigate fraud by an individual.
  • To provide leverage in a specific endeavor.
  • In some cases, surveillance may lead to hidden assets such as unregistered vehicles, vessels and aircraft that are being stored.
Surveillance at times will show the overall financial picture due to the individual’s daily life style. We perform analysis of our asset searches that often times lead us in other directions, uncovering additional assets. This ability is due to our combined experience in investigating high profile drug rings and white collar crimes. All asset searches are conducted in strict compliance with FCRA, GLBA and applicable state laws.